Farm Talk: The Benefits of Using Pods

Today, Paul tells us about a ’Moving Day secret’ which he actually used during his last family move. It made the moving process “So much easier…” he said.

The idea of using portable Pods, that specific moving companies have available, can make life a lot easier. Lets say you want to paint or remodel your new place before moving in with your furniture. The moving company will take your furniture and move it into the pods while the painting or remodel work is being done, and store it for you.

Another benefit of using pods is the fact that by keeping the furniture in a pod, there’s less chance of items being broken or damaged, due to it being handled no more than twice. It is a much safer way to store your furniture or items until you are ready for them.

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Farm Talk: The Benefits of Using Pods

Today I want to talk about moving, more specifically something related to moving to make the move more practical, and that is the idea of using portable pods. But not any kind of pod, not the pods that you see on people’s driveways. These are actual pods that specific moving companies use. Certain moving companies actually have pods inserted inside large moving trucks and they will load up these pods inside their large moving trucks and then take those pods to their warehouse where they are temperature controlled. So, if there’s going to be an interim period between the time that you move out of one house into a new house, the personal items can sit in their temperature-controlled warehouse for a week, a month, even a year.

The cost, which I’ve experienced, is about $50 per pod per month, and it’s just very convenient. When it’s time to move into your new residence, you call up the moving company and they locate inside their warehouse which pods are yours and then deliver those pods exactly as they were loaded up at your old house to your new house. What this does is it allows the moving company to only touch your personal property twice as opposed to touching it four times. What I mean by that is if you had a break in-between the time you were moving from your old house to your new house, you would most likely have to load up everything into a storage facility where the moving company would load up your personal property into their truck, offload it into a storage facility. Then when you’re ready to move again, load up your personal property into the truck and then offload it into your new house. So, they’ve in essence touched your personal property four times with a greater chance of breaking something than simply touching it twice. Where, again, it’s stored in a sealed commercial grade building with temperature control. It’s incredibly easy, it’s inexpensive and, it’s just very efficient and that’s the way I am definitely going to go in the future.

Another thing to mention, if you want to have a little bit of a break between moving into the old house and moving into the new house, it might give you an opportunity to paint the new house, put in new flooring, etc. while all of your personal property sits in storage, waiting for you to make any kind of upgrades you want. And again, the moving company has only touched your stuff twice as opposed to four times.

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