Farm Talk with Paul Ward – The Benefits of Using Pods

WELCOME to another addition of FARM TALK with Paul Ward.

Today, Paul tells us about a ’Moving Day secret’ which he actually used during his last family move. It made the moving process “So much easier…” he said.

The idea of using portable Pods, that specific moving companies have available, can make life a lot easier. Lets say you want to paint or remodel your new place before moving in with your furniture. The moving company will take your furniture and move it into the pods while the painting or remodel work is being done, and store it for you.

Another benefit of using pods is the fact that by keeping the furniture in a pod, there’s less chance of items being broken or damaged, due to it being handled no more than twice. It is a much safer way to store your furniture or items until you are ready for them.

Listen here and save some time and $$ on your next move.