Farm Talk with Paul Ward – Buy a Ranch vs. Building From Scratch?

Paul discusses the differences between buying an existing ranch, or starting from scratch and building your own.

Paul tells us about the advantages, and disadvantages, in both.  If you purchase an existing ranch, you can imagine that there are quite a few things that are already built and ready – such as a barn, guest house, animal structures, corrals, orchards, etc. But what you might not realize is that there are other very important things in place, as well – such as underground water, natural gas, and electricity.

The alternative to this, is building a ranch from scratch – purchasing vacant land, designing the ranch of your dreams, and putting it together.  This will appeal to some folks who are very particular and have the time, and the means, to see their vision through to fruition – but there is a lot to consider!

Paul shares a great story about a recent client who was looking at ranch land, both small (5 to 10 acre range), and large (over 100 acres).  His client wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted, so Paul helped him narrow down his wants & needs, and gave him the pros & cons of buying an existing ranch, as well as starting from scratch.

Tune in and hear some valuable information that will help you make an informed real estate decision!