In the Community with 4-H

For several years Paul Ward & his team have been proud supporters of Ventura County’s 4H students.  Each year Paul attends the Live 4H Auction at the Ventura County Fairgrounds where he makes an “add-on” financial contribution to current participants.

Your Ventura County 4H child also has an opportunity to benefit from Paul’s generosity.  As with other donors you’ve contacted, simply have your child mail Paul their annual 4H letter and photograph with animal.  Paul will be sure to make an “add on” contribution at this year’s fair!

To make it even easier, you can upload your child’s handwritten letter and animal photograph to this website link.  Paul will ad your child’s name to his current contributions list when he attends the Live 4H Auction each summer.

For more information, be sure to listen to Paul’s podcast “Farm Talk” where he talks more about his 4H Auction experience.

Student Scholarship Application

4H Application
File Upload: Include your photo, scan or pdf of you, your 4H entry, or your letter.
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