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Farm Talk: Maximizing Your Budget When Selling a Home!

I’m getting ready to sell a 4,000+ square foot farmhouse on a 30-acre avocado ranch. There is also a 500 square foot studio apartment above a two-car garage. I would describe the home as Mediterranean style – beautiful, in a very picturesque setting with amazing views. The house sits on a hilltop and looks out at all of the surrounding orchards, hills and mountains. There is a trustee that is in charge of the sale.

Farm Talk: Liquid Gold

Here in Southern California, summer is the arid time of year and farming is completely reliant on transporting water long distances. So, how we value farm properties is largely based on the cost of water. Neighboring properties can have drastically different water costs. One property could be low and yet the property across the street could be twice, three times, or even four times as expensive!